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7 must-haves from drew barrymore\'s new walmart home decor line

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-06
Just in the spring of the redesign, this is where Drew Barrymore\'s first residential line --
It is filled with strong colors and interesting patterns and is perfect for the new season.
Drew Barrymore Flower House is a new collection of more than 200 pieces, ranging from $18 to $900.
\"Drew Barrymore Flower House allows anyone to express their personal style with ease, affordable and fun,\" a press release wrote . \".
The collection features a mix of furniture, curtains, textiles, wall art, ceramics, etc, all inspired by travel and blends a variety of colors and patterns.
\"I have always loved the space to create happiness --
\"Unexpected prints and patterns, shapes, styles, colors and textures combine together in the most enjoyable way,\" Barrymore said . \".
\"My new furniture and home decor collection was inspired by this passion and I hope it inspires everyone to make their own at home.
\"If boho chic is mixed with mid
The modern decoration of the century feels like your home, which is definitely your collection.
It is only available in Wal-Mart\'s online retailer households, including Jet, Hayneedle and Wal-Mart itself.
In recent years, the retail giant has become increasingly focused on original home products, and the partnership with Barrymore marks the first time they have launched a large celebrity product.
\"Our vision and goals for Wal-Mart.
Com E-Commerce home will be the most inspiring and accessible place to design and decorate your living space while saving you time, energy and money, \"Anthony, who is in charge of Wal-Mart e-commerce ·
Business operations in the United States.
\"Drew Barrymore Flower House is our high-quality, on-
Trend Home classification, and another example of how we can create a beautiful home for everyone.
\"We \'ve collected some of our favorite pieces from the collection so you can skip the browsing and enjoy home decor upgrades right away. Velvet Mid-
Century accent chair adds color to your living room with this charming accent chair.
The mustard velvet seat and cushion will warm the space in perfect contrast to the wooden chair frame, which itself is a work of art.
Geometric design is more than just eyes --
But there is also a reclined seat back for maximum comfort. TheVelvet Mid-
Century accent chair is now $400.
This plush velvet sofa can be matched in a variety of styles.
Combining modern design with floral patterns and neutral textures, moving your space to the stylish side of boho, or paired with metal and marble accentsit, can be at the heart of glam.
The velvet boom sofa now costs $900.
Use this floral print bed stand to shop for a large amount of time in the bedroom.
The padded headboard has added a soft touch, but the women\'s pink and purple designs really lock the feel of an oasis.
A bed like this will naturally be the center of the room, but with a simple velvet bench and other neutral decor, the room can have a cohesive look.
Vintage floral cushion platform bed now starts at $800. Shop NowMulti-
The more unique piece in the collection is the multi-layer metal accent TableOne
Hierarchical stress table.
The raised surface exudes a retro flavor with its curved design and metal makeup, offering three different opportunities for storage and display.
In the living room, you can put a stack of coffee table books, and one is a desk lamp, and the third is a small plant or candle. TheMulti-
Now you can buy the first metal stand for $200.
On the table in the restaurant, this rattan pendant light will shine (
Literally, yes, but what we mean is also symbolic).
The large woven shadows are perfect for your boho style, and natural elements will be a welcome addition to the space filled with strong colors and other interesting textures.
The rattan pendant light is now priced at $72.
Depending on the size, this carpet can now be used in a variety of different ways.
The smaller version is a perfect bedside or at the entrance, but a larger rug is just right for the dining room with a round table.
The jute is naturally casual, so it can be easily matched with the breakfast area or worn in a more formal dining space.
Blue striped jute carpets are now available for $100. Shop NowMulti-
Abstract framed wall artwork in color is always hard to find, but this series has a variety of interesting prints to consider.
This colorful version will increase interest in other warm neutral color spaces and can even be the starting point for a colorful gallery wall with your boho-chic space has. TheMulti-
Color abstract frame wall artwork is now available for $76.
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