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Architectural thesis presentation is one of the

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-01

Poster size-When printing architectural drawings, students or professionals draw each line measured according to a specific scale. Students and professionals determine the best scale in relation to the paper size before printing. The scaled drawing must be visible enough for jurors to see the scaled relationship or dimension of the design's component. If printed and rendered digitally, the student or professional designer prints a bar scale of the drawing to retain nearly true dimension of the drawings.

Poster borders-Poster borders need to be planned and designed for. Students and professionals usually choose a graphic design for the borders. Border design should be simple and not too loud or garish so as not to divert attention from the architectural drawing. Poster borders are usually black with a pattern or texture. Black is a popular border choice done in either plain or with colored, graphic accents.

Drawing resolution-When printing, students and professionals consider poster printing resolution. Large format posters in 20x30 sizes also need a specific high resolution setting in order for the drawings not to appear pixilated.

For quick, easy and reliable poster printing, it's best to visit a local print shop for printing needs. Another even more convenient alternative is utilizing online printing services. Online printing services such as Uprinting for example, even offer choices of rolled or mounted poster printing.

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