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Because you can put a cork pin board to several uses

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-23

Put it in your bedroom beside bed to remind you of things to do the next day. For instance it could be as if you have an appointment with the family doctor or you need to make an important phone call. You could simply pin up a note to remind you of such things. Use it to leave rosy, romantic notes for your spouse - he/ she may be surprised to see the notes.

Get a pin board for a living room and get it hung on the wall adjacent to telephone table and use it to remind you of important bills to pay in time. Pin up the contact details of near and dear ones or, more particularly, of fire services, ambulance, your family doctor, gas services, electrician, plumber and so on. You could even leave messages for your children on the pinnable plank in case you have to leave for a meeting before children coming back home. Or, make it serve as a photo frame where you could portray a family photo collage being pinned to the cork pinnable surface. The entire setting will make a beautiful decorative item.

You could even put one Cork Pin Boards in children's room where you could ask them to display their drawings, sketches, or other artworks. Children can also put up their home work schedule or inspirational quotes by legends on the plank. Ask your children to decorate the plank according to a theme by adding colorful pictures, ribbons, laces, balloons, beads, silk flowers etc.

In kitchen too hang a pin board to the door or behind the concrete slab to keep track of household chores to do and thing s to buy from a grocery store in a close proximity. There are times when you remember that you need to buy cheese while making cutlets but then you forget buying it when shopping. You could simply make a list of things as they come to your mind and carry that list with you when you leave for shopping.

Get one for your home office too where you could use it to brainstorm ideas, pin up important phone numbers, set your weekly, monthly or annual goals as well as to keep check over your performance. Finally, buy a cork pin board for your bathroom where it can be sued as a jewelry board or a towel hanger.

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