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Does Maxim Technology has product showroom?
Hangzhou Maxim Technology Co.,Ltd. has built a showroom to give persuasive, high-touch expertise for our clients. We're working hard and welcome clients to see our factory. Though our online resources offer product information like color, dimensions, and specifications, these lists don't permit clients to encounter hotel decoration . For this end, clients usually require a showroom. We welcome clients to experience our goods . We have recorded examples that enable people to interact with the item. In addition, we discuss product demonstration videos on our site or on our Facebook page to allow our clients understand the purpose, advantages and application of hotel decoration .
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After so many years of dedication in manufacturing multi piece wall art, Maxim Technology becomes an expert and has the confidence to become a leader in this field. The family wall art series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Maxim Technology large framed art is designed to develop its light through a sensation known as electroluminescence which derives a light when an electric current passes over it. The product has a great potential impact on users' feeling with no UV radiation and mercury. This is safe for users to apply.
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Maxim Technology has been exerting itself to being an experienced and technical memo board supplier. Welcome to visit our factory!

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