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Does Maxim Technology provide EXW for Bulletin Board?
Yes, Hangzhou Maxim Technology Co.,Ltd. provide EXW for Bulletin Board to meet customer requirements in terms of shipment supplier selections. Some experienced customers will prefer to conduct a transaction with us adopting EXW term. It refers to the trading in which product suppliers fulfill the tasks of manufacturing, quality control, packing while purchasers pick up the goods with shipment expenses charged by themselves. In such cases, the purchasers should have abundant knowledge about the delivery system as well as the responsibilities and duties they bear incurred during the shipment.
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Maxim Technology develops, manufactures, and sells memo board worldwide. We are known as a reliable production partner from the initial idea through to series production. The memo board is one of the main products of Maxim Technology. New heat dissipation technology is applied to Maxim Technology large framed art. For example, heat pipe technology can greatly improve the dissipation efficiency and eventually makes the product more durable in use. This product is widely used in the market due to its huge economic potential.

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