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During recent times the black board has evolved

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-23

The whiteboard was invented by Martin Heit, a photographer and Korean War veteran. The idea was originally developed for having next to a wall phone to take messages down on. During his work with film realized that notes could be recorded on film negative using a sharpie and wiped off simply with water. Early whiteboards were made out of film laminate, the same glossy finish found on film negatives. But these days the materials used are very different like - melamine, painted steel, porcelain etc. Like everything around us, this simple white board has also evolved gradually.

These days the whiteboards are one of the essential office supplies because of its added advantages and convenient features that it provides a user with.

A whiteboard can be used as the projecting medium in office presentations. This allows the person giving the presentation to fill in blanks, edit, and underline and make comments by writing directly onto the whiteboard, which in turn shows through the projected image. Proper dry wipe boards are high gloss to enable the dry marker ink to be wiped off easily and high gloss surfaces will reflect the projector light. Semi-matte whiteboards are better suited for projection but more difficult to dry wipe clean.

Using markers does not generate the dust that comes from using and erasing chalk, allowing their use in areas containing dust-sensitive equipment. People allergic to chalk and asthmatic use whiteboards as an alternative.

A whiteboard pen is easier than chalk to hold and write with. In addition, marking on a whiteboard takes less time, effort, and pressure than marking on a chalkboard.

Whiteboards help to save paper.

Due to all these added advantages the use of white boards has considerably increased in the classrooms and office supplies.

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