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embossed foil wall art

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-07
The production of embossed foil wall art is also very simple and cheap.
All you need is hot glue guns and rods, aluminum foil and shoe oil.
In this structure, I share how to make a beautiful embossed foil art in 30 minutes.
Aluminum foil liquid shoes poli paper Q-hot glue gun glue
TipsPhoto frame (glass removed)
TissuesPen or PencilTake a piece of paper that should be perfect for the frame.
Now draw some patterns on paper as you wish.
I have painted simple floral patterns since my first try.
You can also take out the pattern from Google pictures.
Search for \"drawings\" mode in Google Images.
You will find many beautiful pictures.
Now track the pattern with a hot glue gun.
Once you \'ve tracked all the curves and lines, let it dry completely over a period of time (
It takes 2 minutes to dry).
Keep the adhesive pattern on the back of the frame.
Now wrap the foil around the front and back.
Now hold the foil with your finger and use q-
Tips for rubbing foil around the glue line without breaking the paper.
Once completed q-
Tip, apply a lot of shoe oil on the whole shoe.
Let it sit for a few minutes, take the soft tissue and wipe it gently.
Don\'t wipe too much.
If you do this, wipe some more shoe oil and wipe it again.
Once Poland is dry, put your frame on your foil art. Tada! It\'s done! !
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