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fun diy art projects to do with family

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-07
Summer vacation is just around the corner and you need to find activities to entertain your little ones.
Rather than having them park in front of the computer and TV for the rest of the holiday, do something together as a family?
Why not finish art projects that can not only help you unite as a family, but can also be used to personalize your family?
Spend endless time entertaining in these fun DIY art projects to make good use of your child\'s energy and creativity.
Use finished artwork to illuminate any ordinary corners and walls of your home.
Here are a few recommended art assignments. 1.
Photo collage instead of hiding your favorite photos in scrapbooks or photo albums, where they pile up dust in your closet and tidy up all your favorite photos from past holidays, and put them in a fun family photo collage.
Let your children choose their favorite photos and let them recall them.
Cut and paste photos onto the board.
Then put it in a beautiful frame.
Since the children will cut the photos, be sure to keep a copy of the original. 2.
This is a particularly interesting project if you have toddlers and babies.
Let each family member dip their hands and feet into the paint and leave a mark on a piece of paper.
If you want to have a more interesting background, draw a background first and let it dry before doing hands and feet printing.
Don\'t forget to indicate the date and age of each member on paper.
This is an interesting project that can record the growth of each member with each ear. 3.
Abstract painting
If you have children who need a little help, create a pattern on the canvas in advance that they can follow.
Then let them paint the space in different colors.
You can provide each member with their own canvas.
To create a more cohesive collection, you can draw a silhouette pattern once they draw the background (
Black paint)on each one. 4.
The dazzling frame is decorated with metallic paint and sequins to make it look simple.
If you want to make a bolder statement, apply the background color you like first.
Then add the accessories.
Play the moment chic transformation of glitter and sequins.
For something more fun, you can use buttons, thread bits, or any item of your choice. 5.
Draw the color glass effect using the wrinkle paper.
First, draw a design on the insert board with a pencil.
It is best to keep the design big and simple for the children.
Then, cut the wrinkled paper into strips with the length of the finger.
To stick the wrinkle paper on the insert board, mix it with white glue and a small amount of water.
Then wet the crepes paper with a brush with a glue mixture and stick it to the cardboard.
Let it dry overnight, look!
Personalized artwork of your own. 6.
Another simple technique for making abstract art is to use simple shopsbought thread.
Buy ropes of all thickness and cut growth stocks.
Place paint of different colors in containers at least a few centimeters deep.
Dip the line on the canvas instead of laying it on the canvas at will. Enjoy painting! 7.
Stamp Art buy rubber stamps from your bookstore or customize them with your name or favorite words. (
For custom stamps, you can make them in a specific bookstore or in a store that copies keys and repairs shoes like Quickie. )
That\'s simple.
It\'s interesting to make weird patterns.
Family-related fun DIY art projects first appeared on properties sold in the Philippines: Property 24.
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