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fun with florals: blooms making unexpected appearances in home decor

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-07
It\'s no secret that flowers can make the home or work space feel fresh.
\"It\'s like bringing the outside in,\" said Danielle Hardy, founder and creative director of Urbanwalls.
\"The colors are all from natural elements, which bring vitality to the space while keeping things fresh and beautiful.
\"But what if you\'re not really a fan of flowers?
Maybe you don\'t like the cost of keeping the real flowers in your space, it doesn\'t seem to keep the potted plants alive --
Or even worse, are allergic to enough greenery that you are banned from bringing them into your space altogether?
You are lucky.
Because, these days, there are many ways to incorporate flowers into your life without relying on your garden --
Multiple versions.
It\'s an easy place to do it on your wall.
Dana Mooney, Vancouver, said: \"I personally like a painting that will never die or need watering . \"
The artist said with a smile.
\"Flower painting is full of life, illuminating the space and bringing a splash of color and character.
Mooney created abstract paintings in her Gastown studio, and she said that flower creations that people choose to put in their homes can not only show good colors and styles.
\"You can show your own personality almost by choosing the type of flower you bring into your space,\" she said . \".
From soft peonies to tightly wrapped roses, rich flowering options offer a certain natural beauty
Even the feminine temperament of space.
In addition, flowers are usually well combined with most design aesthetics.
\"They also bring soft elements into a space because there is nothing harsh about the loose circles of petals and leaves,\" Mooney said . \".
\"So, they can be well integrated with many styles of home decoration, from modern to retro, everything will be perfectly combined with the flower language.
\"Another interesting way is to add flowers on the walls with stickers. Yes, stickers.
\"Decals are the best option because they allow you to see the wallpaper without cost or permanent,\" Hardy explains . \".
\"Whether you choose to install them symmetrically or splash them on the scraps of paper on the wall --
Style, you can now be a designer of your own space without the promise and hassle of wallpaper or paint.
Hadi company provides half
Permanent decals (
They are durable enough to last for years, but can be easily removed from most walls without causing any damage)in a garden-
Various shapes and colors
Including peony, Rose, Mao un and anemone
All the inspiration comes from the actual flowers.
\"We worked with a local florist to import hundreds of flowers from France to the studio, where we took pictures of them and turned them into beautiful flowers on your walls, hardy explains the brand\'s latest floral creations, known as the garden flower collection.
Temporary aspects of wall decals, coupled with relatively simple application processes (
Think: peel and stick)
Decorative decals have proven to be a popular choice for adding color and visual interest to the home.
\"Whether you rent your space, your child is transitioning from nursery to large --
Children\'s room with design (attention-
Deficit barriers)
Our clients like the fact that they can make these changes without feeling guilty, \"Hardy said.
\"You don\'t have to get stuck with things you\'re tired of because they\'re easily replaced.
\"If you\'re looking for a floral decoration for your home that doesn\'t need to be promised --
Physically or financially
Consider picking one or several decorative items to decorate your space.
Stephanie Vogler said: \"You will find flower language everywhere as an accent in decorative pillows, wallpaper, painted ceramics, original art, carpets, iPhone case and desktop stationery, creative director of cross design.
\"Personally, I like flower pillows.
Depending on the season, they can dramatically change the space and are a quick way to change the mood of any room.
\"Vogler suggests matching colors and patterns to change the atmosphere of the space --
Prevent it from being too precious.
\"I always trend Shibori with stripes, solids and my favorite patterns (
Dyeing technology in Japan)
Print, \"she said.
Just, no matter what you do, pay attention to how much
On what scale-
You are welcome to enter your space with floral patterns at once.
\"I do think there may be too many.
I\'m always hesitant about too many things, \"wargrad said of the blooming flowers.
\"Keep it simple and cute and you will never get tired of your choices.
A simple rule of thumb, she says, is never to introduce more than three or four patterns and shades in one space.
Otherwise, she said it might be like \"bazaar\" that is happening in your living room \".
\"But the biggest benefit of adding more flowers to your home or office may be their impact on the overall mood (yes, mood)of a space.
\"In general, they have such a huge positive and dynamic energy,\" Mooney said . \".
\"I think people are interested in it.
\"Add some new flowers to your home and feel inspired? You’re in luck.
These days, there are plenty of options to add prints and colors to your home without resorting to flowers
Print furniture or sticky wallpaper.
To easily turn your living space into a beautiful bouquet of colors, here are five ideas to adopt.
Buy one, or choose one --
Bloom in your home.
There are a variety of flower options and colors to choose from, and you can choose to place a single statement blooming or full functional Wall (or walls)
Beautiful poppy petals.
From $37.
Really afraid of commitment?
Choose a beautiful stationery for your family or desk.
This pink floral weekly office desk pad from rifle paper.
Thanks to its soft pink buff and beautiful flowers, even the busiest day will be sweeter --print border. Thecrossdesign.
Com | $18 with prairie-update your kitchen game
Salt and pepper casserole, casserole, pitchers and other approved kitchenware. Walmart | $28.
A statement-
The art of making is not only a work of conversation, but also the last piece of home decoration.
This blue abstract will look like home in the bedroom, office, living room . . . . . . The list continues. Danamooney.
Com | $455 is not ready to fill your home with print yet?
To increase printing and color, choose to put a simple pillow on your favorite chair or sofa. Chapters. indigo. ca | From $34.
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