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How about sales of Functional Canvas Art under Maxim?
The good sales volume of Maxim Functional Canvas Art is inseparable from our consumer's enthusiastic purchase and support. Sales volume generally hinge to a large degree on how customers perceive our brand and our services. We constantly delve into sales data and product portfolio, seize emerging market opportunities and attempt to expand market share.
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With a reputation of the outstanding manufacturer, Hangzhou Maxim Technology Co.,Ltd. is a company with a wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing multi piece wall art. Maxim Technology has created a number of successful series, and black and white canvas art is one of them. Maxim Technology large framed art is well manufactured. Every process such as epitaxy wafer, chip producing and encapsulation are paid close attention. Thus it is brought out with the fine quality and high luminous efficiency. People praise that it has good color retention. Even people wash it with chemical cleaners or other heavy duty cleaners, it still keeps its color perfectly.

We energetically promote environmental protection and sustainable development. We will use cost-effective and mature technological production facilities to reduce environmental negative influence.

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