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How many Maxim Framed Canvas Wall Art are sold per year?
Maxim Framed Canvas Wall Art has achieved good results in annual sales volume. With products that have great quality and word of mouth, plus affordable prices, our brand has always been sought after by consumers. The annual sales volume is just the appearance, strength is the source of Maxim's self-confidence. Propelled by the market demands, we tend to invest more in the product innovation to boost our annual sales volume.
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Praised as a highly professional manufacturer of large wall decor, Hangzhou Maxim Technology Co.,Ltd. has been engaged in this industry for years. The memo board series has become a hot product of Maxim Technology. Check the product against various parameters under the supervision of our skilled quality experts. People who live in remote areas where electricity is not accessible will benefits a lot from this product because it powered fully from the natural sunlight.

This is our unique culture - we will treasure the inherent worth and dignity of those people we work with and serve to make a lasting change.

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