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How many years of experience does Maxim Technology have in producing Functional Canvas Art?
Hangzhou Maxim Technology Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the Functional Canvas Art industry for many years. The workers are very experienced and skilled. They stand by and are ready to provide support. Thanks to our reliable partners and our loyal staffs, we have developed a company that is expected to be known around the world.
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Maxim Technology is known as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of outdoor wall hangings. We have made extraordinary achievements over the years. Maxim Technology has created a number of successful series, and cork board wall is one of them. Maxim Technology pin up board is made like other semiconductor products, with each diode being cut from a wafer of crystals layered over a base of silicon, sapphire, nitride, or some other material. Our adherence to rigorous industry standards for quality fully guarantees that the product meets the international standards.

We are constantly reducing our impacts on the environment. We focus our work on waste reduction and diversion, reducing our energy and climate impacts, and increasing water efficiency.

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