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How to get Framed Erasable Magnetic Shelf quotation?
There are different quotations for Framed Erasable Magnetic Shelf provided by Hangzhou Maxim Technology Co.,Ltd.. Customers can get a quotation from us through email. It will contain the product model, size, product description, quantity, unit price, package fee, freight, insurance, and other information. The quotation is prepared mainly in English, and if the customers require one in a different language, please contact us to provide the template. Please keep our quotation in secret to protect our business, or we will retain the right to sue any behaviors damaging our interests.
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For years, Maxim Technology has been offering excellent products such as pin up board, backed by the deep expertise of industry professionals. Various in styles, Maxim Technology's cork board wall can meet the needs of different customers. The design of Maxim Technology multi piece wall art is carried out by a team of professional LED lighting designers. In addition to that, the design is based on the market survey. Some customers told us that they really appreciate the seam and stitching the product is made. It is not easily fray even it is used heavily.

We produce our products responsibly and sustainably. We work hard to reduce our production waste, degradation, and pollution throughout the whole life cycle of our products.

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