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how to paint a metal wall decor

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-05
Metal wall decoration can add a special feeling to any room, but the color does not always match your existing decoration scheme.
Painting with paint is the easiest way to draw the art of metal walls.
Painting will apply a uniform color to the workpiece and prevent permanent brush strokes.
Painting is a cheap way to customize wall decoration.
Fill the bucket with warm soapy water.
Dip the clean cloth into the water and wipe the artwork to remove any accumulated dust.
Rinse the cloth clean, wipe the artwork again and rinse it clean.
Pat it dry with a clean towel.
Move the decoration outside or in the wellVentilation room.
To protect the floor, put it on a piece of cardboard.
Put on a ventilation mask so you don\'t breathe in the smoke from the painting.
Spray the whole decoration with a uniform spray primer.
Follow the packing instructions for the recommended drying time.
Decorate the whole decoration with a uniform spray paint of your chosen color.
Let it dry according to the direction of the package.
Spray on another layer of paint if you want a richer color.
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