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kids page: dear santa, please bring me...

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-04
The children share their list of holiday gifts with us.
The five things I want are PS4, Xbox One, and Ariana Grande for a concert at my house, MLB 14 for PS4.
I want a PS4 because it has my favorite game called MLB 14.
No MLB 14 for Xbox.
I want the Xbox One because it can do two things.
I also want Ariana Grande to sing a concert because I like Ariana Grande and I like her music.
Finally, I want MLB 14 because baseball is my favorite sport and it has new rosters and new graphics.
That\'s why I want PS4, Xbox One, and also let Ariana Grande have a concert at my house and get the game MLB 14.
This Christmas, Joe Flynn Milford is in the fifth grade of public school, and I have nothing to ask.
Christmas means giving and gratitude to me.
I didn\'t ask for anything because I already had everything I wanted.
I have a home, a family that loves me, the best life.
I will be happier when I see my brothers and sisters opening gifts, even though I am not.
The top thing about Jacklyn Huber Milford Public School grade 65 on my holiday list is: Kinnie pig and Dork Diary, 1,7, a fusion doll that supplies Monster High Weirdness, because my dad told me that my grandfather had just recovered from an injury, I wanted him to have a perfect Christmas.
Zara Mapleston Kingwood Township School Grade 4, here are five things I have listed for Christmas.
The first thing is a Lalaloopsy that pours charm into a charm bracelet.
Lalaloopsy is a baby with diapers and pink hair.
The next thing on my list is a little pet Pink Parrot in the cage.
I saw it online. Its name is Belle Bella.
The third thing is a little panda.
They have it in toy fight city.
It has a bottle to drink and it walks towards you when you shake its rattle.
The fourth thing is to keep a small live pet purple butterfly in a cage.
It swings when you press the button.
The fifth thing is the rock star Barbie and the wedding Barbie.
Rock star Barbie comes with a microphone and shiny clothes.
The wedding Barbie has a long gorgeous white dress and a bunch of flowers.
Finally, here are five things on my Christmas list.
I wish Santa could bring it.
Ashley kalberson Milford Public School Grade 2 below is the Christmas gift I want. . . 1.
American Girl doll 2 Isabel. Xbox1 3. Nerf Rebell 4.
Metal detectors 5.
3DS e Taylor Kingwood Township School Class 4A Batman toy, lion, million dollar, I want these things, Lego toy set for Grade 2 of dylan Angeles Patrick McGaheran School, I want an American Girl doll kit, a salon chair for my doll, nina Cusello Patrick mcgaran school a doll bed and a table and chair for the second grade I want five things: Peace on Earth, books, one
Emerson Jones Patrick mcgaran school grade 2 five things on my Christmas list are a new microscope, a gyro, a Newton Cradle with 6 balls, A remote control plane with sensors will not crash, and a Lego Death Star with 16 \"14\" wide.
These are the things I want most for Christmas.
Austin leiwang Valley landscape School 4 th grade I only have five things on my Christmas list, so the first thing on my list is RC car.
The second thing on my list is an American Girl doll school.
The third thing on my list is a basketball.
The fourth thing on my list is a hockey stick.
The fifth thing on my list is a surprise.
Kaitlyn Christmas Valley View School 4 th grade one of the things I want for Christmas is the Ipod.
Another thing I want is some kind of craft.
The third thing I want is to go to the concert of Taylor Swift.
The next thing I want is a sparkling tattoo.
The last thing I want is more peas.
Abby Weed Patrick mcgaran school grade 3 my five things on the Christmas list are the first one, Lego Friends.
My second thing is Popin cooking.
You might want to know \"Popin cooking!
\"Well, there\'s a sugar bag, you make candy with it.
My third thing is X Box 1.
My fourth thing is Chrome book.
My fifth thing is to make marshmallow.
This is the five things I really want on the Christmas list.
Mary Kate pamisano Valley landscape School 4 th grade the Christmas present I want is, 1.
Nerf Rinofire, 2.
Four helicopters, three.
A set of Lego r2 2, 4.
I pod touch and 5.
New night for museum movies.
Nicolas Berlinski Valley landscape school grade 4!
Christmas is coming!
I hope Santa brought me an Ipad, a marshmallow maker, a cool baking device, crazy sand and a fluff.
An action-controlled fairy
I can\'t wait to open my gift!
Catherine Piotrowski Franklin Township Elementary School Grade 3 yeah, it\'s Christmas!
I want Santa to bring me a Lionel train, a huge Indiana Jones Lego toy, a Lego city Lego toy, all Jurassic Park movies, every Indiana Jones movie.
I hope Santa can give me these things.
It will be a happy Christmas for me.
Ryan Fisher Franklin Township Elementary 3 can\'t wait for Christmas!
I want accessories for American Girl dolls.
Next I want Beedos.
Then I need a doctor\'s package.
Finally, I want my little brother to take a long vacation.
It will be the best Christmas ever!
Danielle diso Franklin Township Elementary School Grade 3. .
This is what I want for Christmas!
I don\'t want what you\'re looking forward to this Christmas.
I\'m not the other kid.
I actually want clothes for Christmas.
I \'ve got the toy I want for my birthday so I don\'t have what I want.
One thing I asked for was \"elite \".
\"Elite is a cool sock that is used mainly for sports.
I want these because they are comfortable to wear and high on your legs.
Another thing I asked for was the new high-end shoes for basketball.
I want these shoes called Jordan.
They are very good basketball players.
Another thing I asked for was the new underarmor shorts.
Under Armour is my favorite brand and the clothes are super comfortable--
The other thing I want is shorts and shirts.
The last thing I want is the new snow boots.
My current snow boots are not even snow boots, they are very pitiful, so I want to buy snow boots that are more suitable for me.
I want green or orange because my mom gave it to me.
This is what I want to buy for Christmas.
I think this is a good choice.
One of the five things on my holiday gift list is a clarinet music book.
I want this because I like playing instruments very much and I want to learn more songs on instruments.
The second thing on my gift list is a big bucket of Lego toys, so I can build a very tall Lego skyscraper.
Another thing on my list is science fiction books on the shelf because science fiction books
Fi is my favorite type of book.
The fourth one on my list is a very large Lego table because I always have no room to build Lego toys.
On my list of holiday gifts, the last thing is a press-axis robot.
I want this because I think it would be cool to program robots.
All in all, these are the five toys I Want for Christmas for good reasons.
Daniel Elwell Lebanese Boro School 4 th grade I have millions of things on my Christmas list but I can\'t list everything!
One thing on the Christmas list I want is a computer because my other computer is old.
I want books because I like reading books.
I like gymnastics too, so I want gymnastics too.
Finally, I want the Spyro Gyro Art Kit because I also like Art.
Don\'t let me start doing other things because I want millions of other toys for Christmas.
Summer Christmas in the fifth grade of the East Amwell School at Kowalsky is fantastic! !
My list is not that long but what I want is here.
Let\'s take a look, I want world peace in the world, good faith in men, the Skylanders Trap Team, all the characters in the video game, and a cool video game called Turbo dis.
I can\'t wait for Christmas morning.
Brandon Olette Franklin Township School third grade what I want first is the controller of my game console.
I want another controller so I can play with my two brothers.
They want to play my brand new xbox one but they can\'t.
I love that they play with me because it\'s fun that I beat them every time.
My second project is a game called Sunset speeding.
It looks like a fun game. -
When you try to avoid monsters infected with some energy drinks.
You have to jump on the car and climb the building and do your best to survive.
To ensure your safety, you have to browse the whole city.
My third dress is winter boots.
I really want a good pair of boots because mine is only two and my feet are four.
It\'s hard to put them on, they hurt my feet.
It feels like I\'m wearing bricks.
My fourth project is a bird.
I really want a bird so he can sit on my shoulder and tweet songs.
My final product is iPad.
I have an iPod but it is very old and has a broken button.
The reason I want the iPad is because the screen is bigger and can hold more data.
There are five things on my Christmas list.
The first Christmas gift I want is the iPhone 6.
If I get the iPhone 6, I can call my family in the Philippines because I haven\'t spoken to them for a long time.
Also, if someone is trying to turn on my phone, I can lock it out of the new feature fingerprint.
I think it\'s very unique.
Another Christmas gift I want is a golden puppy.
I want a golden retriever because I think they are very cute and smart.
The third Christmas gift I want is a $100 Apple gift card.
I would like a $100 gift card because there are a lot of new apps.
The fourth gift I want is the new Jordan shoes.
I want new Jordan shoes.
I want these shoes because they look cool.
The last gift I want is the white beats headset.
I want these headphones because I think it\'s better than the other ones.
Zach Hiwatig grade 6 Lebanon municipality Primary School
What do I want for Christmas? The first one is chapstick on my Christmas list because my lips are cracked, the second one is football Net and the third one is T-
The fourth one is Lego and the fifth one is elastic ball.
I wish I could get these things from Santa.
Merry Christmas to you.
Julia moloz Franklin Township Elementary 3 can\'t wait to open my gift!
The five things I want most are ipod, art kit, fluffy boots, chapter books (
My favorite is animal books. , and a poodle.
I really hope Santa can bring it to me.
I would be upset if he didn\'t.
But he always brings me good things.
The 3I Franklin Township school only wants two things: plush animals and a veterinary suit.
Animals are special because I like animals, and the vet group is special because I want to be a vet.
Rachel McNamara Whitehouse School second grade Elf on the shelf, wearing glasses, eye lashes, reindeer ears, and a glowing nose.
The Elves on the shelf are important because I am fine everywhere and the Elves on the shelf will tell Santa that I am fine.
Also, the glasses with eye lashes are special because it is fun.
Reindeer ears and glowing noses are Christmassy.
I hope to receive a lot of holiday gifts this year.
First of all, I want Uggs.
I want Uggs because they keep my feet warm.
Next, I want dance clothes.
I like dancing clothes because I often dance so sometimes I don\'t have clean dancing clothes!
I also hope to get tickets for Taylor Swift\'s concert.
I am sure she is a great performer.
I want earrings too during the holidays.
I hope to get new earrings because I like jewelry.
Finally, I really want to buy some new clothes.
Although I like to receive gifts, I also like to give it to my family and people in need of help.
Have a nice holiday!
Sophia Ritchie Tongshan School 4 th grade I would like to buy a remote controlled Miss Gieco Miss, Micro Soft flight simulator, an electric model of a car motor, a new computer and custom shoes.
I would like to buy a Miss Gieco rowing boat because they are very fast and interesting to drive.
Also, what I would like to get is the flight simulator from Microsoft because I like aviation.
I also think because you can fly from the Boeing 747 to the plane of the Wright brothers.
Next, I want to buy a new computer.
I really like this because our family is 6 years old and very slow.
Also, I want to buy custom shoes.
It\'s great because I only have sneakers and basketball shoes.
Also, they look really cool custom made.
Last but not least, I want a 4 cylinder motor for the car.
I\'m very interested in cars, so I think it\'s cool.
I hope there is enough space on Santa\'s sleigh!
Rick Bentley Copper Hill school fourth grade crazy shopping cart a Wimpy Kid\'s stupid rope trampoline diary a wimpy kid\'s book. I want a diary of a Wimpy Child because there are interesting characters in it
Abigail Raven Barker Whitehouse Elementary School Grade 3-MIP -Halo books -MONEY! -Lego Halo series
I have huge tablet Logan Munson East Amwell School 5 th grade on my Christmas list and I want to buy a new IPAD case, a pair of skating guards, a skating outfit, canvas and last but not least art supplies for painting.
I want to buy skating items because I like to go skating.
I want to get painting supplies because Painting is my favorite thing to do when I have free time!
Five things on my Christmas list are my own Xbox.
Since I have played Farcry 3, I want Farcry 4 as well.
Then I want fate.
This is the video game I really want so I can play with my friends.
Then I want an air gun.
Finally, I want an air gun vest.
This is five things I really want for Christmas.
I can name more, but I only say five.
This is the five things I want Santa to bring.
Braydon Atlas Valley View School 4 th grade five things I really want for Christmas are stuffies, janimals, breyer horses, one way dolls, and going to fur real friends.
Emily Robbins Valley landscape school, the fourth grade I want: more American girls, fancy fans get two backstage passes, to satisfy the signature of Taylor Swift pet dog Taylor Swift I want to get two backstage passes to satisfy Taylor Swift I want my mom to go with me, so that my mom can spend that special moment with me.
Lego Friends Summer Toy House • Lego Titanic • American girl ski set • Easy oven • Alex and AniThe bracelets the reason I want the easy oven is because I like baking!
Grade 31, Tony Kaiser Whitehouse School. Lego 2. Santa hat 3. Games 4. Nem T. V. 5.
Christmas movie Marcos melandres Franklin Town Primary School Grade 21. Legos 2. Rainbow Loom 3.
\"My World\" plush animal 4. Bird 5.
Minion plush animal Yessie Amaya Franklin Township Primary School Grade 2 Oh, my God, this is one. . .
The holidays are up and everyone is ready, but have you made a list of your holidays? Some people say you should thank you for what you have, and so do I.
There are 5 things on my list this year: First of all, what I want is a mobile phone, I have been trying to buy one for many years, but it never happened.
Things will be different this year.
The reason I \'ve always wanted one is because I\'m stuck in a lot of situations where I need one.
For example, I have been left on our zip line twice.
I feel like a stick stuck on a wire.
Also, if I am in aftercare, an after-school project and I want to be picked up early, I can always call my mom or dad.
Second, there was an empty room in my house that had not been finished so my family decided it was my \"future\" bedroom.
They are starting this year and I am very excited!
I want to finish it on Christmas day as my room is too small and I need my own space to work.
Third, I want a puppy.
I want one because after our first dog Lisa Jen died because my parents were too emotional and we never got another one again.
It would be nice if they knew I would take care of a puppy and love it too.
I would also like to buy a new winter coat which is not too thick and thin.
The inside is beautiful and vague, which keeps me warm.
I want it because I don\'t have a lot of good winter clothes.
The last but not least item I Want for Christmas is a light on my desk.
I want one because I don\'t want to do my homework in the dark.
I wish you all a happy holiday and good health!
Ryan Lambert Franklin Town Elementary, Grade 6, I want a magic kit, a Simon swipe card, a football, a Monopoly game and new jeans.
I want a magic kit because I really like magic and I think it would be cool to have one.
A Merry Christmas in the third grade of Nicholas Leisa Whitehouse School.
I want a lot of things for Christmas.
The first thing I want is a new electric scooter because I have one for kids now and I like it a lot.
The second thing I want is my password log.
I want my password log as it has an invisible ink pen and a special lock that only opens to your sound.
The third thing I want is the mark making kit where you can make your own magic mark.
The other thing I want is a real bow and arrow, just like the bow and arrow in the hunger game Katniss used.
I definitely don\'t want the kind of plastic that breaks easily.
The last thing I want to do is spend Christmas and New Year with the whole family.
This is five things I want for Christmas.
Rebecca sabonara donamwell school 5 th grade-Ski rentals -
Slightly season pass
Green Bay packaging service-
The fate of PS4
New Jersey devil costume Ronan Engel East Amwell School fifth grade wiiu black light growth Sprint robot ipadI really wants to grow sprint because I am the shortest student in the class in the last two years.
I would be happy if I were 5 inch long.
I can get to the higher rocks on the rock climbing wall.
Andrew Ryder Whitehouse School Grade 3 I want a football, new football shoes, new defender, see Alex Morgan again, Alex Morgan jersey.
I want to see Alex Morgan again because last time I went to the PDA football field to meet her, she was really nice and she still signed my straw shoes.
Alexa Revill Whitehouse School Grade 3 five things on my Christmas list are a pearl oyster mushroom set made by Uncommon Goods, a new pair of Nike Super Elite socks, rick Riordan\'s blood of Olympus, a chocolate set made by Mindware and money.
I would like a mushroom set as I like to eat mushrooms and once they grow my Nonna can cook them and we can have mushrooms for dinner on Sunday.
I am eager for a pair of super elite because I need a new pair of basketball players;
I\'m obsessed with Rick riodan\'s Olympus Hero series, so I really hope I can get his last book.
I also bought a chocolate suit last year. I like how delicious chocolate is (
I made my own Reese Cup last year.
Finally, I want money because I was saving money for a car when I was 17.
These are some of the things on my Christmas list and I really hope I can get them this year!
Ava Gilligan Redington middle school grade 81. An XBox one 2.
A Jacob Jones jersey.
Diary of a cowardly child 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 94.
ITunes gift card 5.
Noah Abu Franklin Township School Baltimore Crow helmet in grade 21. Dare way 2.
A big Lego House.
Light cotton candy manufacturer 4.
A girl Elf on the shelf.
1,000,000 minion plush animal Carlo diso Franklin Township school second grade Wow!
It\'s Christmas!
I want five really cool things for Christmas.
I want an ipod 5, an ipad, a whole box of giant games.
Finally, I want a ton of candy.
I want these things because I love them.
I hope I\'m not on the naughty list.
Merry Christmas!
Katie Fisher Franklin Township Elementary School Grade 3Big whiteboard-
All the books in these seriesCookies-
100 colored pencils-
100 MarkersAmanda HeckmanEast Amwell Elementary School a pack of Christmas gifts I want for grade 5 is ,-
New dry iceSkateboard -
School supplies
Some books for reading
Gift card Nicholas Krup PA donamwell school fifth grade Nerf Rebel Bow & Arrow tornado prepared a sewing machine for winter leotards and also for my gymnastics Brooke Obi
Hockey stick 2.
And 50 puck.
A flyer backpack 4. A fluff bear 5.
A teddy bear in grade 21 at Theodore Ewing Franklin Township School.
Paint my hair. slippers 3. clothes 4. nail polish 5.
Boots Maritza Avila Franklin Township Elementary School Grade 2 one thing I want for Christmas is an awesome new Nerf gun.
I want a new awesome Nerf gun because I have a collection and I have all of them besides that one.
That\'s why I want a new awesome Nerf gun.
Another thing I want for Christmas is a new set of Lego toys.
I want a new set of Lego toys because I like Lego toys very much.
Another reason is that I can give it to my sister or brother when I\'m tired.
I can give it to them when I have children.
Another thing I want for Christmas is a new Assassin\'s Creed costume.
I want a new Assassin\'s Creed costume because my brother and I can fight the assassin.
Another reason I want assassin costumes is because I can scare my brother by hiding in the shadows.
The last reason is that when I take part in the mental health day event, I can hide in my mom\'s office and scare her.
The next thing I want for Christmas is a dirty bike.
I want a dirt bike because I can ride it up the hill one day when I grow up.
Another reason is that I can go to a friend\'s house and we can ride a dirt bike together.
The last thing I want for Christmas is a good time and quiet time with my family.
I want to have a nice and quiet time with my family because it is loud every year.
Another reason is that my sister is always so loud when we watch movies.
The last reason is that everyone screams loudly when we open the gift.
Michael McCarthy Milford Public School fifth grade five things on my holiday gift list are the pink camera, the Barbie phone, a puppy and everything it needs, and Ugg brown boots from Sanjana Mandadi Patrick McGaheran school grade 2. The five things I really want for Christmas are baseball equipment, a new football jersey, and the Hershey chocolate bar.
This is five things I want for Christmas.
The first thing I have on my Christmas list is that I want a new iPod.
Second, I want a new RC car.
Third, I want a new game for Xbox 360.
Fourth, I want the new headlights for my 4 th car.
Fifth, I want to change a new exhaust pipe for my 4 th car.
This is the Christmas present I want.
Daniel Delusant Valley View School fourth grade five things on my Christmas list are the worst
Star of Skylanders Trap Team, 2 puzzles of skylanders Trap Team, 3 5 nights in Freddy on my next book, 4 undead axe traps and 5
This is what I want for Christmas. (
1, 2, 4 and 5 from the Skylander Trap Team)(
These are not the things I only get at Christmas. )
The Christmas gifts I want are I pod touch, a new bike, a book, a basketball and a pair of basketball shoes.
Maddie Ruscher Valley View School fourth grade five things on my gift list are a Zoomer Dino, nano hexbug skyway, Breyer india Pony, Lego London Bridge and a car with a remote, you can watch people by looking at the screen on the remote control, and you can video people.
There are 5 things on my Christmas list!
Nora Stashefski Valley View School 4 th grade would you like to know something interesting? There are only 5 things on my Christmas list!
The first thing is the novelty pants adventure of the Xbox 360.
The second thing is the stick dog chasing pizza.
The third thing I want is ice cream.
The penultimate is the panda (
It may be true, or it may be a stuffed animal).
I want a walkie talkie.
This is 5 Things I Want for Christmas.
Christopher Saam Valley View School 4 th grade I will list three things I want for Christmas.
I do 3 instead of 5 because I can\'t think of anything else. 1.
The new Nintendo star I wantfor Wii U.
I want it because they still have classic warriors like Mario, Kirby and Fox McCloud and they also have new fighters like Pac man and Boomer Jr2.
I want Goplus for my Goanimate account because I\'m tired of making 30 second videos.
It also means that I can finally shape the characters in the form of comedy words and the form of Lipps. 3.
I am a new pair of headphones to replace my old one which is broken and I don\'t know how to fix it.
It has no sound on both ears, not even for my iPad.
So this is my list and I don\'t think too much because I\'m not 5 and I don\'t want too much either.
Avery Coyne monopoly laptop for the sixth grade in Lebanon autonomous city go-
I want the Wii u because you can get a lot of games.
Christmas in the second grade of Jesse Allen Whitehouse School is my favorite event, even except for my birthday.
There\'s something special about Christmas.
They are making a list of gingerbread houses, and the most important thing is making cookies!
I always wanted something on the list.
First of all, I bought a Mini popcorn machine because I like popcorn very much.
Then wear more clothes.
You are never enough!
One really cool thing that would make my day my wish is the Nike foul band.
This bracelet is like a bracelet for steroids.
It tells you how many steps you have taken or how many calories you burn.
One more thing I want is Nike Elite socks.
The coolest socks in the world
It would be my day if I got all this.
The only problem with Christmas is that you are too vigilant to fall asleep.
This is my Christmas list!
The list for Christmas is usually easy, but it is quite difficult this year.
Anyway, the first thing I want is the iPad Mini 3.
The reason I want the iPad Mini 3 is because it\'s so cool!
The new fingerprint password is definitely an improvement.
It may not be much different from the iPad mini 2, but it is fine.
The next gift is a dog.
I want a dog.
The puppies are very cute and colorful.
The next item on my list is a new personal computer.
Probably the Mac Book Pro because they are very advanced and never have any problems.
I will use it for school projects and free time.
Next, it\'s not so much a gift as a wish to have all the children in the world have a wonderful holiday and get a gift they like.
Finally, I want a brand new X. box One.
Graphics are being strengthened and magnificent.
Not only that, the game is awesome and extreme.
This is my Christmas wish list.
The 6 one grade holiday gift I want is a dirty bike.
If I buy a dirty bike, I will choose to buy a neck brace, goggles, chest protector and a new helmet.
Another thing I want for Christmas is the Xbox live game card and the game.
I want to buy LeBron James shoes too.
It would be the best Christmas if I could get all these gifts.
It\'s the best time of the year, it\'s right here!
There are five things on my holiday gift list: 1. fuzzy socks.
I definitely need these to make me feel comfortable and warm!
The second thing I asked for was definitely my fuzzy blanket that could be used for long trips, even at home or overnight.
This is my most important Christmas present.
The other thing I want is a new pair of shoes because I\'m wearing too small now!
The fourth is Dance 2015, the latest video game where you can play a lot of pop songs with your friends or yourself.
Players earn points based on their actions and performance.
This game is very fun to play with my family on Christmas Day, so opening it during the holidays is fun for everyone.
The last thing on my list is a new case because my previous case was old and broken.
Sometimes the case even falls down!
I only ask for these things from my adult family members as my brother is almost as good as a rusty metal.
I think they are a little blatant about doing this, but it doesn\'t matter because Christmas is not a problem with gifts.
Christmas is with your family and thank you for everything you have.
Some kids don\'t get a gift at all, and when other kids get one less than last year, they start to hate parents for no reason!
Sometimes it\'s hard to make a Christmas list, but it\'s always a great Christmas in my opinion. Happy Holidays!
Emily Miljkovic Franklin Town School 7 th grade minecraft ender dragon animals minecraft Zombie minecraft ender man minecraft steveI want these toys because minecraft is very interesting.
Michael winterzell Whitehouse School second grade laptop quad electric scooter the Star Wars Rebel book I really want a Star Wars Rebel book because I like to read it.
Star Wars Rebel Legos Lane Miller Whitehouse School Grade 2-Ps4 -
Crayola fusion face-bunny -
The way of thinking in real life
I want to buy ps4 because I can play on it when it rains outside.
The third grade of Jack Ritt Whitehouse School-
A real football jersey. -
Another version of Fifa(The video game. )-A new piano. -A iphone 6. -
Because I like football, I want a real football jersey for $100.
Because I want to be a real football player.
Samuel fried Whitehouse School Grade 3 Wow!
So cool!
I want a lot of things this Christmas, including the following five.
First one, I want a Carhart hunting jacket.
Second, I\'m calling three threatening ducks.
Next, I want Dr. BeatsDre, blue.
The next step will be a mini popcorn machine.
With it, I can run all the way to heaven!
Last but not least, the new Elite socks.
The thing before was what I wanted for Christmas.
\"Thank you, mom and dad.
\"John Deval Franklin Township School year 75 Christmas present is a Nerf Rebelle on my list because I wanted one for a long time, this is the Nerf gun for the girl
Ipod Touch.
I have a Kindle but it can\'t be put in my pocket.
On the Ipod Touch I can put it in my pocket with more apps.
The other gift was a bike because my one was too small and its handle was broken. 4 Board games.
I don\'t have any board games or even a board game because my sister Lily broke them. 5 Money.
I get the money every year because I\'m saving money for the Ipod Touch in case no one buys it for me because it might be too expensive.
Millford public school grade 41. Xbox one 2.
Two controllers
My world Game 4
Beckham. jersey 5.
Paintings and cursive books for grade 21, Lucas Abu Franklin Town Primary School.
Snow Cone Machine 2.
A girl Elf on the shelf. A minion 4.
Manufacturer of marshmallow.
I want a lot of pencils in grade 21.
I sprayed more paint on my hair.
New DS for Super Mario Game 3. New pjs 4. Clothes 5.
Black boot for grade 21 at Olivia fulino Franklin Township Elementary School.
Box full of fireworks 2. 10 itunes 3. drums 4.
Football Team 5.
Guitar acoustics Russell Hailan Franklin Township School Grade 21. iPhone 2. iPod 3. elf girl 4. Kindle Fire 5.
More Hunterton County News: second grade at my world plush animal Calais Padila Franklin Township School in New Jersey.
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