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Laptop white boards can be used to create interest

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-27

By using the laptop whiteboards you can make children play different games and keep busy with different interesting activities:

You can ask them to draw family portrait and name each member of the family. Children may dress up each member in different colourful dresses and write their name underneath. This will let children know their family better and even learn how to spell their names.

They can be made to draw their favourite animal or bird and write a few lines on to them. Knowing about animals and bird is important too, after all. Finally you can ask them to exchange their views with each other.

Provide each student a laptop story writing White Board of his or her own and ask him or her to develop a story. After they are done with their stories they can share it amongst themselves. You can assign stars to the best story.

Bring a few multiplication gridded boards and let children learn multiplication tables without difficulty. Create a group of two or three and give them a few problems to solve. Assign five marks to the team that solves first. At the end, calculate the total and honour the winning team with applaud.

You could as well use flashcards white boards to ask children to write their favourite quotes or the name of the most beautiful person on earth. They may love to share who is their favourite and whom they want to be like.

Apart from these you can always use dry wipe map boards or phonics progression boards to create interest amongst children and make them learn faster. The whiteboards are available in great variety at affordable prices at various online stores. The smooth shining planks will offer easy usage and will not break even if children use them roughly or drop them off their laps or hands.

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