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Many candidates who attend the AOSB will be under prepared

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-28

The whole purpose of the AOSB is to determine whether or not you have the 'potential' to become an Army Officer. If you have the potential then there is a greater chance that you will pass Officer Initial Training course at Sandhurst. The Army will be investing literally hundreds of thousands of pounds into your development and career progression. Therefore, they want to be sure that you have the potential to pass every stage of training.

In order to assess the potential, the Army will assess you against a series of qualities and competencies. Before I move on to the scoring criteria I want to talk a little about the qualities that you need to demonstrate during the entire selection process. You will notice that after each list of qualities I have provided you with some useful tips.

Qualities that you need to demonstrate






Able to overcome most difficulties


Tips: You are applying to join the Army as an Officer. Therefore, it is crucial that you are able to remain calm in a crisis, be totally focused on achieving the end result and be determined to succeed at everything you do.

For example, during the planning exercise stage, which is probably the toughest part of the AOSB, you will be placed under considerable pressure by the assessing Officer's. If you do not know the answer to a question then it is better to say so, rather than panic, waffle or crumble under the pressure. One of the main purposes of AOSB is to determine whether or not you have the ability to stay focused under pressure.






Mentally agile






Tips: These qualities are predominantly focused on your state of mind. Do you have the ability to come up with solutions to problems? Can you think outside the box? Can you see the end result? Are you sensible and mature for your years? During every stage of the AOSB make sure you remain level-headed. Do not act in a foolhardy way and always think before you speak. Engage your brain before you engage your mouth!













Considerable impact.

Tips: Let us assume that you are participating in the Planning Exercise phase. You have worked hard during your preparation in the build up to AOSB and you are very confident that your plan of tackling the exercise is the most effective. However, two other members of your group have alternative solutions to the problem.

What do you do?

The options are simple - you can either go along with their desired solutions(s) or you can have the confidence in your own abilities and your plan and attempt to 'persuade' them both that your option is the most effective. If I was attending AOSB, I would have the confidence in my own abilities and persuade them that my option is the most effective.

Remember - you are applying to become an Army Officer and that means you are applying to become a leader!

Follow these tips and try at every stage to demonstrate the qualities above and your chances of success will skyrocket!


How to pass the Army Officer Selection Board including insider tips on how to become an Army Officer.

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