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Mort Kunstler is an American historical artist

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-24

It is not just the sheer volume of American historical artworks that made Mort Kunstler a true legend in Americana art but with the detail and authenticity of his depictions of historical America. A Mort Kunstler art always capture the drama and emotions reminiscent of what actually happened during the era represented. It is like a 'falling teardrop frozen in time' as one newspaper reporter puts it.

Before Mort Kunstler became renowned as a Civil war artist, he was already enjoying cult status recognition as a magazine and book cover illustrator. In fact he illustrated literally thousands of cover art illustrations for various men's adventure magazines and novels, in many cases under the pen name Emmet Kaye. This was his staple job in the 50's, 60's and 70's before breaking through with the American Historical art scene.

It is not surprising that Mort Kunstler art prints of his Civil war paintings as well as his other American historical arts are everywhere and are the demands are huge, especially from historical art and Americana collectors. There is also a growing demand for canvas prints of his staggering magazine and book illustrations that there are now some websites exclusively devoted to this area of Mort Kunstler art.

If you are looking for good and reputable sources of fine Mort Kunstler art prints, there are a growing number of art gallery websites wholly dedicated to Mort Kunstler that offer reasonable prices and having a good number of Kunstler art prints in stock. It is a testament of how Americans a recently being hooked to historical American prints and other nationalistic themes especially following the events of 9-11. Here are a few of the websites featuring Mort Kunstler art prints:

Mort Kunstler

The official Mort Kunstler web page where you can find a lot of information and updates on the artist as well as an online gallery of his historical art prints.

Kunstler Illustrations

This site focuses on Mort Kunstler magazine art prints. You can find here an impressive collection of cool Kunstler magazine art for sale and they are neatly categorized in sections such as Man vs. Wild, Exotica, Dames and Crimes.

Teri Galleries

There is a whole section of the Teri Galleries, Ltd. Website dedicated to Mort Kunstler art prints that sells mostly Civil war art prints.

Gallery Direct Art

This is another authorized dealer of Mork Kunstler art prints and they also have an impressive collection of Kunstler artprints on sale.

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