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Online tutoring is becoming popular day by day

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-28

In online math courses, person is required to fill in his or her particulars and form an account. After formation of an account the person is charged a small amount depending upon the course and time of tutoring. In online math courses the facilitator is usually a lecturer and a professor who is teaching at college or university level and in free time he or she is providing the services of online facilitator. Mostly the charges of these online math courses are made on the basis of number of hours. The more the number of hours, the more are the charges.

In math online tutoring, a facilitator and a limited group of students are connected to a chat room. In this chat room the students and the facilitator can communicate with each other through microphone. Moreover there is a virtual white board which allows the tutor to explain the lecture in math online tutoring. In case the virtual classroom is not a part of a regular course, the topic and the pace of the course is selected by the students but if the math online tutoring course is an online course then the numbers of classes are limited and the pace of the class is selected by the facilitator.

In case of Mathematics, the online courses are very rare and the tutoring offered by the companies are for solving the problems faced by the people in regular classrooms. These tutoring are proving to be of great importance as many people are getting help. However for some people the online tutoring does not prove to be a good method to answer their queries and solve their problems. The reason behind this problem is that the student is not able to grasp the concept. In this case the student is supposed to explain the problem clearly to the facilitator so that facilitator can understand the reason which hinders the progress.

The offline type of tutoring is different from online. In this case the person has to grasp the concept himself. Different video tutorials are available on the websites which are the recording of the lectures delivered by lecturers in the classrooms or are lectures given by using virtual white board. In this method the person who needs help cannot get the answers of his or her queries directly but he or she has given an email address through which the answers are given. In some cases along with the video tutorials the websites also provide a facilitator which a person can communicate via chat.

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