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Paddling is one of the keys to successful surfing

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-27

To paddle efficiently, you must first position yourself properly on the paddle board so that it s able to move through the water at the correct angle. Paddle boards usually have a wooden stringer that runs down the centre line of the board. You can use this stringer to position your body exactly in the middle of the board, neither to the left nor to the right.

Once you are centered, adjust your body on the board either forward or on the back of the paddle board, ensuring that the nose of the board is about and inch above the water. If you get too far forward on the paddle board, the nose of the board will dig in causing the board to plow through the water and would make it slow down. Likewise, if you are too far back on the board, the nose will be high up in the air and it will get slow to paddle.

Once you learn how to position yourself correctly on the board, concentrate on the paddling form. You need to cup your hands and keep your fingers together. Next, you need to extend to extend your arm all the way forward towards the nose of the surfboard. With your hands cupped and fingers together, dig deep into the water and paddle down the length of the paddle board. Make sure your arms don't drift out to the side. While paddling, keep your back arched up and your chest up off the board. Rather than looking at the nose of the paddle board, keep your eyes straight on the water ahead to avoid any potential danger which could be in the form of an oncoming surfer, a large wave, or a bog white water wave.

There are several videos on the Internet that teach how to ride on the paddle board and how to paddle surf safely and correctly. If you are novice or are not that skilled in paddle boarding and stand up paddle surfing, you can check out those videos to hone your skills. You may also go through the tutorials and reading material that is available for surfers and paddle boarders to help them make the most out of this thrilling and exciting water sport.

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