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Panasonic is known worldwide for its intelligent

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-03

Panasonic Dry Erase Board introduces classrooms to an entirely new world to learn, interact, and collaborate. It helps them acquire and absorb information - comprehend difficult topics with removable graphics, learn historic developments with effective projections, solve sophisticated mathematical calculations, and attain greater understanding of software programs and simulations with enlarged desktop sharing. Providing student-centric learning capabilities in the class, these convenient boards let instructors to connect more effectively with their students - using extensive media in addition to specific pedagogical techniques.

The Panasonic White Board Dry Erase grabs student attention with interactive learning features and merges the best of interactive whiteboards and conventional monolith dry erase boards in one. Encompassing various interesting features for lectures and presentations, these interactive boards abolish furious note-taking, reduce to meet classroom needs in a session with direct access to desktop and Web resource, and invite interest with engaging content capabilities. These boards further advance instructional design and make it creative with extended support for interactive Flash animations, high definition and live motion videos, clear and crisp sound clips, sharp images, and enriched PowerPoint Presentations.

Here are few advantages of Panasonic White Board Dry Erase that differ them from other competitive and similar boards:

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