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Pin boards offer so many benefits and thus are

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-23

First and foremost they fall cheaper on your pockets. If you are running an office in an expensive city like London then you need to keep everything confined to a budget. You may not be able to afford spending more than anticipated (especially if you have just started your business) on leisure things such as projector screens. I agree that electronic appliances/ audio-visual aids such as projectors look pleasing and may get to attract instant attention of visitors or employees alike with all their striking videos. But, pin boards are affordable and can be put anywhere in office without worrying of installing them. They, further, do not need power supply and thus let you save more money.

Second, the planks are eco friendlier in comparison to other varieties of bulletin boards. As they are manufactured by using recycled (and recyclable) cork material they avoid excess wastage of natural resources. A cork wooden pin board does not contain any toxic, non-biodegradable elements such as plastic and thus do not cause any harm to environment. Plus, as they can be recycled into new boards anytime, you can get them into a new shape without buying a new plank.

Third, Cork Pin Boards allows you to pin up print materials directly on to the board. If compared to dry wipe white planks they permit you to pin up message by using coloured pins. You need not to write your message (most of the times you tend to avoid embarrassment due to bad handwriting of yours). People may be able to read and understand print materials instead.

Fourth, you can hang them in both landscape and portrait orientation according to the available wall space. If you have lesser wall space you can hang them in portrait orientation. In fact, if this is the case you can rather opt for free standing pin board that comes with a chrome stand and is easy to carry anywhere you want to. Fifth, pin boards come in other varieties as well including felt surface of different colours. Thus, you can select them in accordance to the overall interior decor of the place. They also come with lockable PVC glazed doors that further prevent your print materials from tampering.

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