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Small flower shop owners are seeking for cost-effective

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-01

Creating a Visual Identity with Business Cards

Business cards are an effective tool of representing one's business. Through a simple card, people will be able to gain more information about what they do and what their company has to offer. Florists can also create their business' visual identity through a proper selection of images, colors and fonts to be incorporated on the printed business cards. The company's logo, name, address and contact information can be provided on the calling cards to enable prospect clients to establish contact with the small flower shop owners.

Promoting Products and Services through Flyers

To keep people aware about certain products and solutions that a flower shop provides, florists can print marketing flyers. These printed materials can contain images of beautifully arranged flowers, along with a brief description of that particular flower arrangement. Moreover, florists can also list the services that they provide for different occasions like wedding, birthday parties and special events.

Poster Printing for Marketing and Decorative Purpose

A poster print can be used to promote a specific flower shop. The marketing tool can also be used as a decorative item for the store. Florists will just have to create a compelling layout for the poster, through the help of an online printing company. The decorative posters can contain photos of attractive flower arrangements to set a positive mood to a small flower shop.

Florists from a small and start-up flower business can make use of these cost-effective prints for their marketing tactics. Moreover, printed materials like business cards, flyers and posters are not just created to market products and services, but also to create a company's professional image.

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