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the best artisan home decor pieces from minted

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-10-06
Finding the best furniture for your home is one thing, but it\'s another to make it a real home with accessories and extra decor.
Fortunately, some shops make it easy.
Do you know that you can find artisan home decoration works online through Minted?
There, you can buy works from independent artists and add amazing works of art that you can\'t find anywhere else.
From the art print to the lampshade, below is the hand-made home decor by our favorite casting artist.
Looking for a new piece of art for your home?
Dawnlight Wall art print is a gorgeous choice.
With a stylish atmosphere and rich color, this product can be customized in size and frame, starting at $21 and up to $744.
Our favorite?
18x24 in the $254 matte brass professional frame.
Dawn Wright murals are now being sold for $21.
Use this stylish mud cloth tribal drum lampshade to add a popular pattern to your space.
Made of natural fiber textiles, this stylish lampshade is a necessity for any rural family
You can customize it to your liking.
The Drum Lampshade of the mud cloth tribe is now on sale for $45.
Shop Brandir Wall art print Shop adds some elegant farmhouse atmosphere to your residence with Brandir Wall art print.
This stunning black and white photo starts at a basic price of $21, starting from there.
We like to print 18x24 for $244 in recycled barn wood frame.
Brandir Wall art print is now available for sale for $21.
If you have a tropical theme in your home, this Palm striped drum shade is the perfect way to tie everything together.
The gorgeous handmade lampshade, made of natural fiber textiles, will definitely make a statement.
The Palm striped drum lampshade is now available for $45.
Shop now and you need a home for all your artwork or photos?
Create a gallery wall with clever shelves on Minted.
This elaborate art bookshelf has four sizes ranging from $94 to $186, so you can create custom gallery walls for any room in the house.
The clever shelf now costs $94.
On August, a happy pillow from Australian artist Blustery brought a smile on the guest\'s face.
This fun and fresh throw pillow features a 21x12 waist or square, ranging in sizes from 18x18 to 40x40.
The happy pillow costs $40.
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