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The objective is to maintain shoe shoe in order

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-28

Can the cove, protective effect of feet, extend sneakers life-span. Maintain MBT Shoes except play outside shoeshine should also pay attention to?

(1) MBT Shoes should be avoided by immersion. A variety of general rubber sole shoes are afraid of oil, because oil soaked by the general rubber will expand and distortion, while plastic and rubber bottom end of oil is strong, but not soaked in oil in order to avoid plastic open plastic sticky shoes. Leather upper in a Do not add too much oil too frequent, to prevent oil adhesion to the upper and the sole on the move analysis, affect adhesion.

(2) shoes can not be exposure and with fire. Leather upper sneakers fear exposure, not near the stove or other heat baking, because the exposure and the baking of oil within the leather will evaporate quickly, so that leather becomes hard board, resulting in pieces of leather fibers became easy to break. If the shoe heavier sweat and moisture, they can place in the sun to dry their backs.

(3) The shoes should be noted that moisture and mold changes.

(4) MBT shoes white shoes should avoid contact with acid. The durable leather is not strong acid corrosion resistance, especially intolerance alkaline corrosion, alkali not only damage the surface coating layer of shoes, but also blows leather fibrous tissue.

MBT Men Shoes and MBT Women Shoes Best used for:Light Trekking, Climbing, Canyoneering, Running, Fitness Training, Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Sailing, Boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Surfing, Flats Fishing, Traveling.

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