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The Rose Bowl is one of the most exciting bowl

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-25

The USC Trojans and the Michigan Wolverines were the teams that played in the Rose Bowl in 1977. The Trojans definitely had somewhat of an inherent advantage in this game as the Rose Bowl is held in Pasadena California. USC is from Southern California, so the Rose Bowl is basically a home game for them when they qualify for the game.

The 1977 Rose Bowl was broadcasted by NBC and was played in front of a crowd of more than 106 thousand people. The announcers for the game were Curt Gowdy and Don Meredith.

The Wolverines and Trojans were seen as being very evenly matched coming into the game. The Wolverines were the 2nd ranked team in the AP Poll and the 3rd ranked team in the Coaches Poll. The Trojans were the 3rd ranked team in the AP Poll and they were the 2nd ranked team in the Coaches Poll. Everyone expected this to be a good game and they were not disappointed by the results.

The first quarter featured staunch defense from both teams. Neither team was able to put any points on the board in the first quarter, and the score was tied 0-0 entering the second quarter.

The second quarter featured more scoring than any other quarter in the game, but there was still not an offensive explosion by any means. The Wolverines were the first team to put points on the board. Rob Lytle carried the ball from 1 yard out to score the first touchdown of the game. The Wolverines tried to execute the extra point, but the kick by Bob Wood was blocked by the USC Trojans. The Wolverines were up 6-0 after this score.

The Trojans managed to fight back in the 2nd quarter in order to stay in the game. They drove down the field and set up an opportunity to score as they were on the 1 yard line. Vince Evans carried the ball into the end zone to tie the score. After Walker kicked in the extra point, the Trojans took the 7-6 lead. There were no more scores in the quarter and the score was 7-6 at halftime.

Both teams came out in the 3rd quarter with a renewed intensity on defense. The game was close and neither team was willing to budge at all in the 3rd quarter. There were no points scored in the quarter, meaning it was still a 1 point game going into the final quarter.

The Trojans were already ahead, but they managed to tack on some insurance in the final quarter. Charles White found the end zone from 7 yards out to make the score 13-6. Walker kicked in another point to extend their lead to 8 points over the Wolverines. The Trojans ultimately won the game 14-6 as the Wolverines were unable to score in the final quarter.

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