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When having limited edition pictures photos framed

by:Maxim Wall Art     2020-09-29

The first important consideration is where the photo is to be hung. If it is to be hung in an area of low light then a standard glass front will do the job perfectly. If however the piece is to be hung in an area where there is alot of light then you will want the piece framed with UV protective glass. This is a very important consideration because if the wrong glass is used the artwork will very quickly yellow in colour. Also if the wrong glass is fitted it could end up being an expence that was not needed.

The second consideration is what backing to use behind the piece of art. If the piece is a standard photo on modern photo paper then a standard mdf board would be sufficient. If however the piece is an old newspaper then a 100% cotton back would be needed. Cotton is Ph neutral and used in most museum situations. It is also highly expensive so choosing the right back is very important.

Another consideration to consider is what glues to use to hold your artwork to the backing board. In a perfect world we would always use a japanese water based starch adhesive because of its low acidity. The only problem with this is the time it takes to apply this adhesive and the cost involved.

Basically, when choosing the right way to frame your picture you need to be very price conscious and know what you are framing.

In a perfect world every picture framer would use light protected glass to house your art, a cotton back and starch glues. However in day to day framing this is not financially viable. This is why when choosing your framing options you need to consider the current value of the picture, the future value of the picture and what the picture is worth to you. If you are not sure then a reputable picture framer should be able to help you decide on the most appropriate way to frame your picture.

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